How to Buy a New Boiler


Simple steps to take for a hassle free boiler installation

 It may not be exciting but a boiler is one of the most important purchases you can make.

Know what to expect and be prepared with my boiler buying guide.

 Types of Boiler

 With a few exceptions all new and replacement boilers must be high efficiency condensing boilers that can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%* and could save you up to £225* per year on your heating bills.

It makes sense to embrace this new technology and accept that the slightly higher initial purchase cost will re-couped through lower heating bills.

The next stage is to determine what type of condensing boiler will best suit your lifestyle and home. Regular (also known as conventional or traditional boilers), System or Combi?

In most cases this will be determined for you, if you live in a flat you'll most probably need a combi boiler, if you have a large family home with no space restrictions then a regular boiler or system boiler will be best suited. Either way this is a job for an expert.

 Be Prepared

 Before the engineer arrives to inspect your home be prepared.

The engineer should ask you some important questions about your lifestyle and current system.

This will enable correct specification of the boiler and central heating system.

 Have a think about

 Where the new boiler will be sited.

New condensing boilers produce a plume of steam due to the lower temperature of the exhaust gas from the flue compared to older type boilers. This plume can be a nuisance for you and your neighbours so it's worth considering the implications of siting the flue in the same location. The engineer will be able to help with this but bear in mind it may be an issue.

Your living habits

For example, is there potential for more than one shower to be used at any one time and how well your current boiler copes with demand. Future plans.

Do you have any plans to extend your house or convert the loft ? Regular boilers require loft space for  feed and expansion tanks, System and Combi boilers don't.

Your budget

Know your budget, don't be persuaded to spend more than you are comfortable with.

 Other Energy Efficiency Options

 It's important to assess the energy efficiency of your home alongside the boiler installation. Supplementing loft insulation or installing cavity wall insulation can be a relatively low cost way to further reduce heating bills and ensure your boiler is working to its maximum efficiency.

 Questions to Ask

 Don't be afraid to ask some questions, the engineer will be used to ones below being asked regularly and should be able to give straightforward, honest answers. If he can't, ask why?

Ensure they are Gas Safe Registered.

Ask them to provide local referrals.

What else is included? After sales service ?

Ask for a full written quote itemising all work and parts.

What make and efficiency of boiler? Ensure this is specified within the quote.


Know your budget

Think of future needs

Ask questions

After sales service?

Cheapest is not always best

 * Based on comparing the savings for upgrading a G-rated boiler to an A-rated condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls. Saving figure is illustrative and based on a gas-heated three bedroom semi-detached house. Savings assume a gas price of 3.67p/kWh. Source: (05/11)



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