Baxi Bermuda Fire & Back Boiler Replacement


The new Baxi Bermuda fire and back boiler unit has been highly praised since its recent launch – considered a ‘ground-breaking’ technology and picking up the 2010 Gas Industry Innovation Award.

The Bermuda BBU HE is the only condensing back boiler unit on the market as well as the only high efficiency unit that can serve as a direct back boiler replacement. It complies with current legislation and saves energy thus reducing the cost of bills. According to the Energy Saving Trust, up to £375 can be saved annually when using a Band A appliance.

 How does it work ?

 The fully-sealed, one-piece flue allows for easy installation with no joints to inspect within the chimney. Baxi has specifically designed the Bermuda BBU HE to work with the Valor Dimension™ range of electric fires which offer easy access to the boiler controls and use LED illuminating technology.

The unique nature of the back boiler principal is for the unit to be hidden behnd the fireplace allowing for a wide range of fires, surrounds and hearth options.

 What are the benefits of the Baxi Bermuda ?

 The biggest benefit of the new Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler is the fact you can directly replace a back boiler without having modify the pipework to re-site a new boiler elsewhere. This means you don’t have to even think about a new boiler replacement taking up space elsewhere and means very little disruption to your home.

The new unit is also extremely household friendly with an anti-vibration fan meaning minimal noise, a built-in condensate pump for versatile drain options and external boiler controls for easy operation.

It comes with a two year warranty covered by Baxi, too.


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